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A recent sewing project

Some time ago I came across an article about a whole cloth quilt, and thought it was an interesting concept. I recently came across another example in one of the Making magazines we now stock and was prompted to think that it would be interesting to try out, and might be manageable for someone who has never ventured into the quilting sphere, especially as we have a few fabrics in store which lent themselves to being used in such a way.

The concept is quite simple. Select two fabrics, cut them to the size of the quilt you want, sandwich the backing between them, quilt and bind. And voila, done!

I did need to do a bit of research in putting this together. How to keep the layers together? What sort of quilting should I do? How is the binding done? Lots of ‘firsts’ including using a walking foot for the first time.

Choice of fabric was fairly easy, as these two fabrics kind of jumped out at me and said ‘use us!’ Norden Koulu in teal and beige. Choosing the binding was more of a challenge, and was resolved when one of our customers made a suggestion, though sadly this fabric is now out of stock.

So now it is finished. Nothing is perfect in this quilt, which is okay (a hard thing to say for a perfectionist!) But I like the look of it, and could be persuaded to maybe do another one in the future.

Should you feel inspired to try something yourself some other like fabrics are Lil Monsters Party (Orange) and Party (Mint), Morris & Co – Kelmscott Mini Strawberry Thief (Red) and Seaweed Dot (Red) or Seaweed Dot (Aqua), or Fawn Meadow Owl (Petrol) and Circles (Pink).