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Anna Allen Blouse & Natural Linen

Hello, my name is Caitlan.

I am a casual shopgirl and sample sewer for House of Cloth. I have been working on this beautiful Anthea Blouse by Anna Allen in Eastern European Linen for display in the shop. 

Anthea is a non fitted blouse and dress with floaty feminine puff sleeves. There is an option of 2 sleeve lengths, above or below the elbow. I decided to sew the blouse version with the above elbow sleeve length. The pattern is available for purchase in PDF form only, from Anna Allen’s online store.


The Anthea Blouse size range is from a 79cm (31-inch) to a 122cm (48-inch) bust. I chose to sew a size 10 based on the suggested fabric consumption requirements- The fabric consumption for size 10 to size 12, based on fabric that is 1.5m (60 inches) wide, jumps up by 90cm (1 yard) between the sizes – 1.4m (1.5 yds) for size 10 and 2.3m (2.5 yds for size 12). I wanted to try the size 12, cut 1.5m (1 5/8 yds) of fabric and see if could squeeze in the size 12 pattern pieces. It didn’t work. The size 12 definitely needs to be cut from a 2.3m (2.5 yd) piece of fabric. So size 10 is what I ended up making. Being a shop sample, the garment size is not of huge consequence, but I usually try to make something similar to my own measurements so I can try it on for fit as I go.

FYI, my measurements are 97cm (38in) bust, 81cm (32in) waist and 112cm (44in) hips…. this week. Note that the size 10 measurements for this garment are a 94cm (37in) bust, 76cm (30in) waist and 102cm (40in) hips. I tried the blouse on and I like the fit on my frame, I plan to make one for myself in size 10. 


I found the instructions clear and had no problem following them. I would say that the rating of this pattern by the company as an intermediate skill level pattern is fair. I made no alterations. I like to make things that people might try on in the store “straight out of the packet” so they can get an idea of fit and make adjustments if needed when they sew their own.

Fabric + Notions

The fabric I have used is one of the stock linens at House of Cloth. It is the Solid Linen Natural. Made in Eastern Europe, this mid weight linen, 185gsm, had the perfect amount of drape for this blouse. The fabric has been industrially softened and feels lovely against the skin. Because of the way the fabric is woven, there is the appearance of a slight texture that gives the neutral colour an interesting look. I have used 12mm shell buttons, and Mettler Metrosene® thread colour #0537 Oat Flakes.

Shell buttons

The Verdict

Would I sew this pattern again? Absolutely! I already have another cut out and ready to go.

Would I recommend the Solid Linen fabric? Absolutely! It’s not the first time I have used this fabric and it certainly won’t the last.