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Linen Check/Plaids

You might ask what is the difference between a check and a plaid? This answer from Design Pool sums it up:

“The difference between plaids and checks lies in these repeating patterns. Checks are two colours and have the same stripe pattern in the warp and the weft. The finished cloth is always symmetrical. Plaids have more than two colours and more variety in their stripe layouts.”

A recent delivery brought a check, and three plaids. We’ve added a cheeky bonus and some pattern ideas for good measure.

The Check

Bellagio Pink

Pink (or magenta if you don’t like pink) / off white medium-weight fabric suited to a dress, shirt, skirt, or top (ideas below.)

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The Plaids

Bellagio Autumn Plum

Available in Autumn Plum (above), Grape, and Latte, these are also medium-weight fabrics suited to a dress, shirt, skirt, or top (ideas below.)

The Bonus

We also have a more subtle plaid that one may mistake for a check because it appears to only have two colours (can you see the thin black stripe?)

But that is all pedantics.

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Pattern Ideas

These fabrics will make great shirts, skirts and tops, such as

Block Tee

The Block Tee (Formerly named the Kabuki Tee) is a modern, oversized t-shirt, designed to look relaxed and feel easy to wear in a woven fabric without restricting movement.

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Archer Button

The Archer Button Up is a loosely fitted button up shirt with long sleeves. View A has angled cuffs and a back pleat at yoke. View B has straight cuffs and a gathered lower back detail.

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Fabric remnants are now available online. Here are some recent additions

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