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New Stripe & Melange Jersey

New colours of Bella, and Vanessa Jersey, plus a rogue addition.


Bella Striped Jersey Navy/White

There are now five colours of the Bella striped jerseys available, with the addition of navy/white (above), turquoise/grey (cover image), and aqua/blue to the existing red/white, and blue/white.


Vanessa Melange Jersey Teal

Vanessa melange also comes in five colours now, with the addition of teal (above), and dusty green/blue joining the existing beige, grey, and blue denim.

Pattern Ideas

If you need some inspiration, suitable patterns from our range include:

Other suitable patterns that we don’t have in stock include:

Rogue Addition

Maxi-Uni Melange Dark Denim

The rogue addition is a lone cotton jersey in a dark denim colour. It offers a more subdued look to the Bella and Vanessa above. It would work with any of the patterns above too.

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